Features That Set MyMed Queue
Apart From The Rest!

MyMed Queue stands out with seamless digital integration of queue management, real-time updates, patient self-service, and affordable pricing.


Token Management System Tailored For Clinics

MyMed Queue offers a tailored, efficient digital queue experience for clinics in Kerala.


Simplify Your Journey to Digitization

Your clinic's journey to digitization is easier than ever with the MyMed Queue app.


Only Pay for What You Use

Experience the freedom of a cost-free sign-up process and only pay for what you use.


User-Friendly App for Patients

With its intuitive interface and convenient features, patients can easily get tokens.


User-Friendly App for Patients

Experience the future of healthcare with MyMed Queue. Our app offers a user-friendly way for clinics to digitally manage their patient queues, revolutionizing the healthcare experience and reducing crowds.

  • Users can book tokens for themselves, family members, and friends from anywhere

  • Shows estimated wait time before receiving a token

  • Users receive real time updates about estimated wait time and tokens

  • Easy to cancel and reschedule

  • Available in both Malayalam and English languages

  • Available for Android & IOS


Easy Token Management for Clinics

MyMed Queue revolutionizes clinic consultations by streamlining operations and increasing patient satisfaction. Experience effortless token management for a better in-clinic experience for doctors and patients.

  • Reduce in-person crowds through the MyMed Queue app

  • MyMed Queue app helps clinics to easily manage consultation - pause, stop, and resume both tokens and consultations

  • Manage all consultation activities from a single dashboard

  • Hassle-free token cancellation for unforeseen scenarios

  • Option to re-arrange and prioritize specific tokens

  • Token numbers are randomly generated for enhanced security-only your clinic knows the total number of tokens given out each day

  • Doctors and clinics can set consultation timings and days

  • Schedule breaks and holidays on the calendar

  • MyMed Queue provides a customized landing page for your clinic with your logo and clinic details

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Better Clinic Experience

MyMed Queue was developed in support of the Digital India Initiative to help clinics better manage their patient consultations. Although MyMed Queue is not a healthcare app, it does revolutionize patient queue management, ensuring efficiency, satisfaction, and privacy.

  • A Digital India Initiative

  • Manage your patient queue with our reliable, stable, and highly secure app

  • MyMed Queue replaces your current manual token system without any overhead -saving you time, space, and money

  • Reduce overcrowding in your clinic for better social distancing

  • By using MyMed Queue, clinics will benefit from reduced crowds in parking areas

  • MyMed Queue is not a healthcare app, and we don't collect any protected health information


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